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Working at Teal Partners

At Teal Partners, we assist companies with their digital transformation. We do this by introducing technology, improving processes, and developing software. We are a team of tech experts, analysts, UX specialists, and software developers.

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Teal Partners

Specialists & Generalists

Our people have an average of ten years of experience. They are seasoned professionals with a wide range of expertise. A blend of generalists and specialists. Bright minds who are intrinsically motivated by their love for their profession.

Without wanting to be pompous, we view development as both a skill and an art. Our work brings us satisfaction. We are proud of what we build. Only then can you achieve great things. We don’t shy away from taking on tasks where others hesitate.

We are growing quickly, but we guard our core values. Open communication and teamwork are the ingredients. Respect for the individual is inherent in us. The personal growth of every employee and the growth of Teal Partners are intertwined. When people do what they love, and excel at it, they shine.

What characteristics do we share? Our people are competent and committed. Commitment is a keyword. We consider each other, our company, our projects, and our clients. "Je m'en fou" (I don't care) is not in our vocabulary. It's our ambition to make a difference in the lives of the users of our technology. That motivates us to give it our all every day.

"Teal Partners gives me the opportunity to learn about the commercial and business side in addition to my job as a software developer. When you build software, you are rarely involved in the bigger picture. You execute. It's different at Teal Partners. Anyone interested is encouraged to think about the whole picture. About the business for which you are developing the solution. About the users and their needs."



"It's not that you have to be entrepreneurial to work at Teal Partners. However, you need to have an inner drive to do your job well. The freedom you receive is not a given. You are thrown in at the deep end, but not without supporters and coaches on the sidelines. This works well for me."


Sales- & marketing specialist

"At Teal Partners, there is a caring culture, which is not common in an industry dominated by men. Colleagues step up for each other. If you're having an off day, there's always someone to lift your spirits or simply ask how you're doing. You're not just a number. They look at the person behind the employee. Happy people deliver better work, and they understand that here."



"Initially, I thought: payroll? Will that interest me? But then you hear colleagues talk so passionately, and before you know it, you're hooked too. We're creating something entirely new, our own platform that people will genuinely use and benefit from in practice. It will genuinely make a difference for them. Hard not to get excited about that, right?"



"I can confide in my colleagues. When I went through a tough time, they were there for me. Sometimes the simple question, "how are you?" makes a world of difference. This straightforward, obvious, and essential humanity is present at Teal Partners."

Jeroen S


"You immediately feel the impact of what you do. If you have an idea, you can implement it right away. You don't need to ask for permission. It took some getting used to, but I appreciate experiencing this way of working."

Jan D


"The absence of hierarchy means things move forward more quickly. I enjoy handling meetings with clients myself. Elsewhere, that's often the task of a project manager. No one takes credit for your work. The flip side is that there's nowhere to hide."



No managers or departments

Self-management is neither a hype nor a sacred principle for us. There are no departments, no managers, no fancy job titles or office politics. You decide on your work and how you organize it, but you're never alone.

We divide the tasks within the company among ourselves, from organizing team-building events to recruitment. Talent thrives best in freedom, but freedom comes with responsibility. We aim high and set tight schedules, but we distribute the work and succeed as a team.

We don’t indulge in patronizing or micromanaging. We work together as equals: in a mature manner, through consultation but without hierarchy. We are professional partners for our clients, just as we are for each other.

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We are continuously looking for new talent. The door is always open for an informal conversation! Not convinced yet? Read here the 9 reasons why you want to work at Teal Partners.

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