“ There are no bosses at Teal Partners either. Everyone is their own boss and the team carries the company together „

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“ There is a caring culture at Teal Partners. If you are not having a good day, there is always someone around to cheer you up or simply ask you how you are „

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“ At Teal Partners, we are building a company that we believe in. Together, we look for ways to help our company grow „

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Working at Teal Partners

At Teal Partners, you are the architect of your own career. We offer context, not control. We look after each other. That may sound strange for an IT company, a traditionally male dominated industry. To us, though, this kind of care is essential. Our men and women come first. They are what makes the company. Their happiness is our success.

Teal Partners is more than a collection of individuals. We are a team and we stand up for each other. We are in it for the long term. With our customers and our employees. EQ is just as important as IQ. Genius but antisocial? Sorry, but you won't flourish here.

Specialists & generalists

We are a knowledge company. So, of course we choose to work with bright minds who excel at their jobs. Our consultants have ten years' experience on average. They are experienced professionals with vast expertise. A mix of generalists who see the bigger picture and specialists with a sharp focus.

Strong profiles have to be cherished. They thrive best in an environment where there is freedom. Our people work where they want, when they want. It's all about the results. Freedom does come with responsibility, though. Only people who can handle this are a good fit for us.

No bosses or departments

We see our employees as the smart, self-managing people they are. There are no bosses or departments. Everyone is their own boss. We run the company together. We divide the tasks and set up teams to carry them out. From HR to marketing, from recruitment to teambuilding. Our employees choose what responsibilities they want to take on.

Reading Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux only confirmed our vision. Self-management is neither hype nor a sacred principle to us. It's an ideal we put into practice day in, day out. Through trial and error. A culture of consultation must never get bogged down in stagnation or indecisiveness. We are very mindful of this.

We know each other's wages. Only when there is openness can you map out the future of the company together. Transparency engenders trust. When personal goals are aligned with the goals of the organisation, beautiful things happen.


Just send an email to [email protected] and we 'll invite you for a cup of coffee!

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Why Teal Partners?


There are no managers, only colleagues. We jointly decide where the organisation is heading.


If the organisation is welcoming, people feel comfortable. If you can be yourself, you can deliver higher quality work.


The opportunity to express your social side is as important as knowing your profession. Team Partners is a team, not a collection of egos.