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9 reasons why you want to work at Teal Partners

1. Respect for the individual strengthens the power of the collective

You are the architect of your own career. The result matters. We provide context, not control. Freedom comes with responsibility. Only those who can handle this fit with us. Respect for everyone's autonomy is associated with the importance we attach to group dynamics. Like yin and yang, they are connected: the individual and the team.


2. Great colleagues (really!)

EQ is just as important as IQ. Our team consists of smart people who are passionate about their job. Not narrow-minded experts, but colleagues who understand how important dedication is to achieve results.


3. A real partnership

You don't work at Teal Partners. You are Teal Partners. When personal goals align with the goals of the organization, beautiful things happen. Feedback discussions are a two-way street. What you do for Teal Partners is just as important as what Teal Partners does for you.


4. Exciting projects

Our roots lie in the employment sector. This explains our experience in HR processes, payroll, and labor. But we do much more than that. We are growing rapidly. Our clientele is becoming increasingly diverse, from manufacturing to consulting firms. We choose projects that match the professional ambitions of our people.


5. A close-knit team and working from home days

On average, our people work from home one or two days a week. Working from home is fine, but it's not the norm as in some tech companies. We believe it's important to see each other at the office to form a genuine team. This is necessary in our profession.


6. Open communication

Transparency is essential to us. We communicate openly, about everything. Our open wage policy stands out, but it's about so much more.


7. Investing in knowledge

Monthly TealFridays by and for colleagues where technical topics are discussed, ranging from PlayWright to game design to Angular vs. Observables.


8. A beautiful and brand-new office

Our office is our second home. We put a lot of effort into it. With quiet corners and meeting spots, lots of space and light and greenery, and not to forget: our world-famous bar. You can find us at the renovated Damplein, a growing neighborhood in Antwerp.


9. Competitive compensation

Money is not our driving force, but fair compensation is a form of respect. We want the best people. It's logical that we pay them accordingly. An annual benchmark ensures that our wages are competitive. We opt for profit-sharing and flexible compensation to accommodate everyone's personal situation or preference.

Interested in joining our team?

Send an email to [email protected] and we invite you for a coffee. You won't end up with HR, but directly with your new colleagues. Your first interview will take place with your future team members.

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