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Wanted: Full stack developer

We? We want to expand our team of technical experts. You? You already have three to four years of experience and are looking for a different way of working. You still want to build complex applications, real solutions, and the very best products. But you feel it can be done differently. You just know it can be done differently.

We know that too... Self-management is not a buzzword in our company but simply the way we work. We provide context instead of control, and we take care of each other. Together, we move towards a goal that will benefit you, your team, and the company.

Who are you?

An all-round full-stack developer with knowledge of the Microsoft .NET stack and the most widely used web technologies: Javascript, Typescript, Angular, SCSS. If you can tell us which ones we forgot, we'll treat you to donuts with your coffee. You'll install your favorite packages with NPM and Nuget, and you won't get lost in Azure and Git. You model domains and database models with your analytical mind.

You've brought an application into production before and know how to sustainably maintain it. Although we focus on self-management, we don't expect you to do everything on your own! Your team is there for you, and together with your colleagues, you always strive for the best possible solution. A working application is not enough for us. So you get your energy from building beautiful and, above all, user-friendly applications. You are responsible enough to be let go, and you dare to make your mark. We actively think along with our clients, so you contribute to both the solution and the bigger story.

You have a very thorough knowledge of Dutch and English.

Who are we?

Teal Partners is more than a sum of individuals. We are a team and stand up for each other. We're in it for the long haul, with our clients AND our employees. We don't have bosses or departments, we run the company together. You choose which responsibility you take on. We divide the tasks and form teams to carry them out, from HR to marketing, from recruitment to security. If it gives you energy, you just join in.

We push hard for transparency and fairness. Everyone here knows each other's pay, all information is shared, and you can always be your whole self. We love telling stories at our bar and making stories ourselves on our Tealbuildings (no typo). You'll learn every day and laugh a lot in the process.

Our office is located at Park Spoor Noord. That means: lunch on 't Eilandje, or a picnic in the green. You fill in your time flexibly: work from the office, from home, early in the morning, late in the evening, ... It's all possible. We give you a salary, mobility budget, laptop, phone, and some perks. In return, you are a great colleague we can count on.


Send an email to [email protected] and we'll invite you for a coffee. You will not end up with HR, but directly with your new colleagues. Your first interview will be with your future team members.