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About Teal Partners

People make the difference. We at Teal Partners are convinced of that. We're not the software guys who build and then pack up. Not an army of mercenaries, but a team of professionals who help you grow. We aim for a meaningful collaboration. From the first introduction until after the delivery.

We deliberately choose complex assignments in digital transformation. Sustainable solutions that have a revolutionary impact on your company, niche, or sector. Because we have the knowledge, the drive, and the technology for it.

That doesn’t mean we only tackle gigantic projects. From small, valuable projects, great transformations can arise. Every marathon starts with a first training session. Trust is the ideal foundation for change, and trust grows by working together.


Experienced and results-driven

Our consultants have an average of 10 years of experience. The team excels in conceptual design and abstract thinking. This is essential for innovation. A strong conceptual model lays the foundation for easy-to-maintain software. It makes a product or service future-proof.

Teal Partners is as flexible as a start-up and driven by results. Ask our clients. They are our biggest fans. Only if they are satisfied, then we are too. The success we reach together is our most important selling point.

Openness and an entrepreneurial mindset

Transparency and open communication are crucial for us, including our relationship with the customer. Sometimes we decline a project, especially when we feel that we're not on the same page. Every collaboration should result in a win-win situation, coming from a common ground and with the same goal in mind. Only then can the complex projects we undertake truly succeed.

Our business operations are unconventional. Not because we want to be unique, but because every employee matters. We make decisions together, harnessing the power of collective intelligence. There are no managers or departments. Colleagues are aware of each other's earnings. This policy fosters responsibility, commitment, and entrepreneurship, which is reflected in our projects.

Care and passion

Teal Partners is more than just a sum of individuals. We are a team. We stand up for each other. We hold our caring culture in high regard. This might sound odd for an IT company, but for us, it's essential. Our men and women come first. They make the company. Their happiness is our success. Sounds fluffy, but it's not. Read here how we approach this exactly.

We aim for the long term, with both our clients and our employees. Our heart is in our projects. We are proud of what we build. Our profession is our passion. Feel free to call us dreamers. In our own way, we want to make the world a little better. Thanks to technology and the solutions we create.

Interested in joining our team?

We are always looking for new talent. The door is always open for an informal conversation!

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