We keep our eyes firmly on the horizon. We go for a meaningful collaboration. From the first meeting to post-delivery. We put our hearts into our projects. We are proud of what we build. Our job is our passion. Sure, call us dreamers, if you like. In our own way, we want to make the world a little bit better. With the help of technology and the solutions we build.

10 years experience on average

We deliberately choose complex assignments. Long-lasting solutions that could have a revolutionary impact in your company, niche or sector. Because we have the expertise and technology for this. Our consultants have ten years' experience on average.

That doesn't mean we only accept massive projects. Small, valuable projects can generate the biggest transformations. Every marathon begins with that first training session. During a small project, the trust needed to achieve great things together is sparked.

Driven by results

As a start-up, we are flexible and driven by results. Just ask our customers. They are our biggest fans. The successes we have achieved together are our number one sales argument for the future. We are not happy unless they are.

Openness and honesty are paramount to us. Now and then, we say no. When we feel we are not on the same page. Every collaboration has to be a win-win. Based on common ground and with the same goal in mind. Only then can the complex assignments we take on really succeed.


Decision-making at Teal Partners is decentralised. This generates better results because it uses the power of collective intelligence. It stimulates responsibility, engagement and entrepreneurship.

Open salary policy

Our organization is based on trust and driven by peer relations. The best example is our open salary policy. The salary package of every Teal Partner is shared and discussed between colleagues. Transparency and open communication are key.

Abstract and conceptual

Our team is strong in conceptual design and abstract thinking. This is important in the complex context of an innovative project. The conceptual model of a product or service guarantees maintainability and makes it future-proof.

Meet our team

Jelle Huygen Founding Partner
Koen Denies Founding Partner
Thomas Brouckaert Partner
Jeroen Lorrentop Partner
Sarah Wuyts Partner
Toon Struyf Partner
Bart Waeterschoot Partner
Hans Peeters Partner
David Vercruyssen Partner
Kelly Hellinx Partner
Bert Janssens Partner
Stijn Goethals Partner
Katja Helsen Partner
Wido Steenmans Partner
Elke Vermandere Partner
Francis Vercruyssen Partner
Guy De Gruyter Partner
Joël Verheyen Partner
Yana Roggeman Partner
Pieter Neyens Partner
Britt Mariën Partner
Jeroen Sneyers Partner
Birte De Smedt Partner
Nikolas De Noël Partner

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