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Everything starts with our people

Teal Partners is not the company where we work; it is our company. Of every employee. "Partners" is not coincidentally a part of our name. We are more than just colleagues or employees of the same company. We together are Teal Partners, and Teal Partners belongs to each one of us.


We extend this philosophy into every aspect of our business operations. We make collective decisions on projects or hiring. We don't have managers or departments. Our office isn't just our workplace. It's our professional home.

Our salary policy also illustrates our partnership. We know each other's salaries. We are equally open about contracts or financial results. As a business owner, you know all the ins and outs, and since Teal Partners belongs to all of us, we know the numbers. All the numbers.

This transparency is a lever for trust. It encourages ownership and an entrepreneurial spirit in our actions. We are growing rapidly, yet we manage to maintain a flat structure. This is because every employee knows what they need to make a good decision on behalf of the company.

Our principles regarding compensation

Teal Partners wants the best for the team. It's our aim to align the goals of the company and of each employee as much as possible. We look for projects that match the professional ambitions of our people. Similarly, we pay them in the way that suits them best, through flexible compensation.

A twenty-year-old single person has different needs than a family of four. A part of the salary is given to our employees as a flexible budget. Multimedia, extra vacation days, a (electric) bike or car, a train subscription or a shared car: the choice is theirs. Those who live close enough to the office can even reclaim their rent or mortgage.

Another example of our distinctive salary policy? We distribute fifteen percent of the annual profit among the employees. This way, we all reap the benefits of what we've achieved together. Everyone shares in the profit without having to buy shares. Buying shares would favor the more capital-rich employees, and we want everyone to benefit.

Our wages are both internally and externally legitimate. The former is achieved through our transparency. Our wages are not equal, but the differences are not hidden. They are aligned with underlying principles and discussed with all of us. The latter, external legitimacy, is achieved through regular benchmarking. We compare our wages with the market and adjust where necessary. This ensures that Teal Partners is among the best payers. After all, we want the best people. We need them for the complex digitization projects we undertake.