Building sustainable software solutions

Our work

We take on complex projects with a result driven mindset and a start-up chemistry, delivering high-performing web applications in scalable cloud environments.

Working at Teal Partners

Always wanted to work at a start-up? We offer flexible jobs with large independence. Just the modern way.

We build sustainable software for complex domains

Design for change

We create solutions that are optimized for change and maintainability. This is the key design principle which allows us to support organizations in achieving a competitive advantage within the ever-changing complex context in which they operate.


We strive for openness on multiple levels. Products only realize their full potential when they are embedded in a vibrant ecosystem so we architect for seamless integration with other products & services. We also provide full transparency in our project follow-up & collaborate as equal partners. We give you honest feedback & expect nothing less in return.


We get involved in the earliest stage of a project to partner up in realizing your business case. We want to know your current pains & truly learn about your domain. We know from experience that a succesful project is a journey in which the optimal end-result isn't the end-result you envisioned up front.


Every IT partner claims to think along and tries to distinguish itself by doing so. Teal Partners is different because they really do.

Tom Wouters

Managing Director SD Worx Belgium

We are working with Teal for over a year now to develop our Flexible Reward Platform. We have learned to know them as true professionals with a deep business knowledge. Teal has really listened to our needs, sometimes even anticipating them. Based on this they’ve managed to develop an extremely intuitive platform, based on a flexible technology, that allowed us to quickly go to the market. All this whilst remaining within budget & timing. In summary, a great and trustworthy team!

Géraldine Prévinaire

Partner Reward at Unbox

Teal Partners offers a unique symbiosis between HR and application development. We were delighted to work on a collaborative project during which we were consistently impressed by their expertise, domain knowledge and pragmatism. These ingredients have proven to be an effective combination for the co-creation of a successful tool!

Joachim Decock

HR Director at Q8

About one third of our waking hours are spent working. So I like to spend that time meaningful & in an environment where I can be myself. For me that environment is Teal Partners, a place to create & learn with equals. A place to grow both as a professional and as a person. No hidden agendas, no masks, no boring meetings but just a whole lot of fun & focus. Teal Partners is my working home.

Bart Waeterschoot

Partner at Teal Partners