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Jan Dillen

By Jan Dillen

April 7, 2022


As a functional business analyst, I map out the functionalities of a tool. How would it work best for the customer? What legislation should we take into account? My job mainly involves logical thinking.

Teal Partners is only my second employer. I studied social work and wanted to work in an HR department after graduating. I ended up at SD Worx, got the hang of payroll, and stayed there for seventeen years.

In my previous job, I worked closely with Teal Partners. You could often find me in their office with the team because we co-developed the Buddy project, an HR tool for SMEs. I got a first-hand experience of the excellent atmosphere among the colleagues. The self-management principles appealed to me. It seemed unique to me to be able to work in that way. Coincidentally, I wrote a paper on self-management in college. It is not a new trend, but still, very few companies choose to apply this.

It was not easy to leave the company I had worked at for almost two decades. I had built a great career there, and the colleagues were fantastic. Decisions like these are not to be rushed. But I jumped at it when the opportunity arose to further develop the Buddy project within the Teal context.

I am 100% behind our Buddy tool. It is the future of payroll and HR for SMEs, and I am proud that I can contribute to it. Our first German customers will soon be using Buddy. That is a milestone.

I have enjoyed working for a large company for many years and have a soft spot for SD Worx. But now, I find the short lines of communication in an SME very refreshing. If I need a new keyboard, I don't have to write a registered letter to the CEO, so to speak. In a small company, you can move forward faster. You immediately feel the impact of what you do. If you have an idea, you get to implement it right away. You don't even have to ask permission. We help choose who gets hired and what the salary proposal entails. That is unthinkable in a large company, where a structured approach is essential.It took some getting used to, but I particularly enjoy experiencing this different way of working.

Jan Dillen (39) has been working at Teal Partners since October 2021. As a functional business analyst, he is working on the Buddy tool. Would you also like to work at Teal Partners? Check out our vacancies on our website.