Support in selecting the right employment statute

Xerius invested in a solution that supports "workers" in selecting the statute that suits them best. Together, we created an environment that provides these users with personalized insights from a financial point of view. This allows them to compare the net income as an employee with the different self-employed statutes in Belgium.

The calculations are defined, maintained and executed via our VIREN cloud platform. This boosts the time-to-market and minimizes the necessary investment and maintenance budget.

The customer facing part integrates via API with our VIREN platform and was build by Xerius itself, which results in a seamless integration with the rest of their website.

SD Worx Budget module

Together with SD Worx, we've realized a software module that offers employers a substantiated instrument that simplifies the establishment and monitoring of their budget, while offering plenty of opportunities to carry out much needed simulations. Quickly compare planned budgets with the real wage costs and run a difference analysis with this module, allowing them to identify any budget differences on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

The "openness" of the platform is one of the key design principles. This allows a tight-integration with several payroll solutions which is definitely one of the reasons for the success of the module.

From an operational point of view, the platform focusses on shifting the ownership from IT to business profiles. A central administration module allows legal experts to maintain legislation related with the wage cost calculation without intervention of any IT/development profile.

Unbox Reward Platform

Together with Unbox, we've created a web platform that dramatically changes the way employees get rewarded. It supports far-reaching individualization for employees, long-awaited flexibility for employers and a common interest in making work work.

The employee module allows employees to individualize their salary package based on both their professional and personal situation. It provides 100% transparency giving the employee advanced insights regarding the consequences of a certain choice. From an employers point of view, the platform maximizes both flexibility and manageability. A strong integration with multiple benefit providers optimizes the administrative hassle. The openness of the platform allows an easy integration with any payroll provider or ERP-system.

The platform is highly parametrizable which allows Unbox to create a unique experience per client without losing the benefits of a SaaS-solution.

Q8 Assignee management

For Q8, we have build a web platform to support the HR division with the management of the assignee population. These employees are assiged to several operating units all over the world, which requires the follow-up of various formalities related to housing and employment.

Next to the general management of this population, the platform focusses on the correct payment of their salaries on multiple bank accounts in various currencies. An integration via bankfiles, automatic generation of payslips and advanced reporting functionalities avoid administrative work and inconveniences.

A central administration module enables the HR-department to maintain general configuration settings, administer the necessary data related with a formality or operating unit and parametrize specific tresholds related to the salary payment.