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You are an all-round development talent working with the Microsoft .NET-stack and familiar with the latest web technologies (Typescript, Angular, Webpack). A working application isn't enough for you. You thrive when building beautiful, user-friendy applications and you're always looking for better solutions. You're a real teamplayer, totally into modern tooling and you love to make fun at work. You are looking for an organization where you can use your full potential, where you can leave your mark and take responsibility. You're analytical and strong in modelling domain and database models. You know what it takes to deploy and maintain an application in production in a sustainable way.

What do we have to offer

You're about to join a young and passionate team of software craftsmen located between 't Eilandje & Park Spoor Noord in Antwerp. A great environment in a vibrant city! We work in sustainable partnerships with our customers and help them realize challenging and innovative software platforms. If you love big ideas, then this will really be something for you! Our organization design is based on the teal principles described by Frederic Laloux in his book "Reinventing organizations". This makes us another kind of organization, one where you will feel at home! You are responsible for your own time. You can work from the office, from home, in the early morning, in the late evening. It 's up to you! And of course we 'll take care of everything necessary to make you thrive: The combination of a competitive salary and a "flex" budget you can spend on benefits.

  • A mobility budget that fits your needs: company car, rail card, bike, bus, ... pick your ideal combination!
  • Hospitalization and group insurance
  • A high-end laptop (Lenovo X1, MacBook pro, ...);
  • A top smartphone (iPhone, Google Pixel, ...);
  • Continuous learning


Just send an email to and we 'll invite you for a cup of coffee!