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What can we do for you?

Teal Partners develops software solutions with a fundamental impact on your business. From idea to business case - from build to support. Improve your administrative and operational processes to boost the efficiency of your department or business.

Consultancy services

  • We advise on solutions for specific business challenges.
  • We map the existing software landscape, evaluate existing tools and services and prepare an overview of the opportunities.
  • We develop a state-of-the-art, improved software landscape.

Software development

  • We develop new, bespoke digital products and services.
  • We ensure that existing components integrate seamlessly with the new software.

Iterative development process

In co-creation with the client, we move from idea to solution in a process of defined phases. It's pragmatic and efficient. For us, agile is not just a buzzword. Our development process is iterative, until we reach our goal.


We immerse ourselves in your business. Together, we look at how digitalisation can present you with new business opportunities

Analyse and define

We broadly sketch out the conceptual model and map the successive phases.

Project plan

Our analysis leads logically into a concrete project plan. We estimate investment in terms of time, people and resources.

Team up

Together we map competences. What talents do we need? Which profiles can we bring in from other departments?

Go or no go

With a plan and the talent in place, we are ready to get started. But there’s the final decision first - go or no go?


There will be a start meeting to get to know all stakeholders. We’ll refine the project plan and make concrete agreements for starting the work.

Build Process

We plan, implement and evaluate until the solution works. We start small, building sub-solutions, and then work until all the pieces of the puzzle fit. This phase takes around three weeks and is iterative - build, demo, consult. Repetition bears fruit. We discuss the results in a steering group meeting every six to eight weeks.


We will deliver the software that fits seamlessly into your environment . The client can get to work immediately, no need for IT to visit. We’ll keep an eye on things and will be there to see that the solution actually works, for the client and the market.

Periodic consultation

Our aim is to make ourselves superfluous. We will always be available for consultation and support and will keep our finger on the pulse. Build and disappear? That’s just not our style.