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We asked Toon what he actually does all day, what he needs help with, and what he's really looking for in a colleague.

  • Someone who can build Wireframes, write User Flows, create Clickable Prototypes, and design User Interfaces
  • Someone with extensive knowledge of user behaviour and who can analyse, define and optimize the features requested by our customer
  • Good use of design tools like Figma, Sketch, or similar
  • Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Usability, and Accessibility are not just words you throw around every day (seriously, don't), but things you apply and use as your second nature.
  • Someone who knows how to translate abstract requirements into tangible designs that someone can use.
  • Being able to simplify complexity without sacrificing functionality
  • In a nutshell, someone who designs beautiful software using logic, analytical skills, and the ability to understand complex systems.

Since you'll be working with around 30 developers daily, we went to put our ear to the ground with them as well. We captured the following:

  • "Yes, well, it would be nice if the new UX could talk to the Front-Enders." (FYI, they mainly speak Angular & Typescript
  • "HTML/CSS is basic knowledge, right?"
  • "Don't forget to point out that we do not have project managers here. Being able to make and follow your own planning is pretty important!"
  • "Maybe someone who wants to help out the marketing team occasionally with visuals?"

overview of various applications

Who are we?

Teal Partners is more than a sum of individuals. We are a team and stand up for each other. We're in it for the long haul, with our clients AND our employees. We don't have bosses or departments, we run the company together. You choose which responsibility you take on. We divide the tasks and form teams to carry them out, from HR to marketing, from recruitment to security. If it gives you energy, you just join in.

We push hard for transparency and fairness. Everyone here knows each other's pay, all information is shared, and you can always be your whole self. We love telling stories at our bar and making stories ourselves on our Tealbuildings (no typo). You'll learn every day and laugh a lot in the process.

Our office is located at Park Spoor Noord. When it's allowed again, that means: lunch on 't Eilandje, or a picnic in the green. You fill in your time flexibly: work from the office, from home, early in the morning, late in the evening, ... It's all possible. We give you a salary, mobility budget, laptop, phone, and some perks. In return, you are a great colleague we can count on.

You have a very thorough knowledge of Dutch and English.


Send an email to [email protected] and we'll invite you for a coffee. You will not end up with HR, but directly with your new colleagues. Your first interview will be with your future team members.