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Teal Partners in annual report of SD Worx

SD Worx is a human resources and payroll service provider. The company, with headquarters in Belgium, has evolved from being a social secretariat that carries out administrative activities on behalf of employers to a leading international specialist in personnel management and HR processes.

SD Worx wanted to expand and strengthen the European service provision to SMEs. The Belgian tools couldn't simply be exported to other countries. The fiscal and socio-legal regulations are too different.

The idea developed to build a completely new digital solution. "Loyal partner and software company Teal Partners proposed to build a new payroll engine, a pitch we very much liked the sound of. The SD Worx Buddy project was born," the annual report states.

"Our proposal to SD Worx didn't come out of thin air," says Koen Denies, managing partner of Teal Partners. "Both Jelle and I have years of experience of having worked at SD Worx in several roles in consultancy, product development, IT and IT project management. Early 2016, we decided to found Teal Partners to focus on developing and building software solutions. As an innovation-driven company, SD Worx supported our decision and asked us to continue working together."

Read the full story on the website of SD Worx.

By Koen Denies on 2020-05-28