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Yana Roggeman

By Yana



I chose Teal Partners because the people who work here are so nice. The job is important but having great colleagues is just as important. People you can have a lovely chat with. Normally, I’m quite reserved at first but I felt quickly at ease here. My interview was very pleasant. We talked a bit about work but mostly about gaming and other fun things.

Although I already have five years’ experience, my current role is a junior position. My background is game development and mobile so I’m learning a great deal. It’s intense but I quite like that. IT is about lifelong learning anyway. It’s in my nature to try to figure things out and discover things myself and that is something that is encouraged here. My colleagues are very helpful. They let me work independently and I can always ask them for help. It’s all very relaxed. Here, at Teal Partners, everyone is very genuine. You can choose how to shape your career, which is interesting. You do your own thing but you do it together.

You do your own thing but you do it together

My current focus is reporting: presenting data in charts in an attractive way. I’m involved in the payroll project. My initial thought was: payroll? What does that actually involve? Will it interest me? But then you hear colleagues talk about it with such enthusiasm and before you know it, you are hooked yourself. We are creating something totally new, our own platform that people will actually use and that will help them in real life. It will make such a difference to them. How can you not get excited about that?