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For over a year now, three of my colleagues and I have been working on Flex Income Plan, a tool that allows employees to spend part of their wages flexibly. For instance, on a company car, dental insurance, a laptop or an extra day off. Using the tool, you can put your package together yourself.

I love immersing myself in a problem, figuring out in detail how I can make something work. Developing a solution that works makes me happy. The technology comes second, it’s about the result for me. I’m not the kind of geek who gets swept up in new trends. But if you want to produce something that works? I’m the woman for the job.

That’s why I love working at Teal Partners. When someone has a good idea, we implement it. We roll up our sleeves and start building. We want people to use our tools. It goes way beyond theory.

As a developer, you get hundreds of mails from recruiters. It’s impossible to reply to them all. But the message from Teal Partners stood out. Koen’s enthusiasm, the genuine interest. He invited me to join him and his team for a drink to end the week. I had a great time that Friday night. That’s when I knew for sure: I wanted to surround myself with all that humour and positivity. I made the decision that very evening: I’m going to work at Teal.

The people who work at Teal Partners are smart, fun and modest. No power grabbers or sharks who put themselves above the group, but people who support each other. In our job, that’s important. If you do happen to make a mistake, your colleagues immediately jump in to help. Together, we find the solution. You are not alone. And there is certainly no finger-pointing. It’s an atmosphere that generates the kind of trust needed to be able to create.

There is a caring culture at Teal Partners, and that’s quite unusual in this male dominated industry. Colleagues cover for each other. If you are not having a good day, there is always someone around to cheer you up or simply ask you how you are. You are not a number. They see the person behind the employee. Happy people produce better work and that’s something they understand very well here.

By Sarah on 2020-05-02