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Kelly Hellinx

May 4, 2020


At Teal Partners, I work in a team of twelve people on a payroll application. In this job, I programme more than I used to and I prefer it that way. In other companies you are often pushed into so-called higher-level positions that don’t necessarily suit your strengths or interests. Now, however, I can put together my own job, taking into account the work that needs to be done and without losing sight of the technical aspect.

Besides developing, I’m involved in the FUN team together with a few of my colleagues. We organise team-building events and other fun activities such as meals out or a quiz. A good atmosphere is important because you spend so much of your time at work. I have also helped out in other teams, such as the recruitment team or the team specialised in technical matters. Everything is very relaxed here. You choose what suits you best and what interests you the most.

I used to be a real gamer. I would spend hours in front of the computer, especially when I had to have major hip surgery at the age of twelve. My brother was studying Applied Computer Science at the time, which is how I picked up a thing or two. The technical aspect appealed to me and it turned out that I had a knack for it. An engineering degree gave me the broad foundation I needed. Meanwhile, I have been a .NET developer for over ten years now, the last two of which at Teal Partners.

From the very first contact, I was amazed at the trust and openness here. I was interviewed for the job by my then future colleagues. Not the ‘bosses’, as was sometimes the case in other start-ups. Not a HR person. I spoke directly to the people with whom I would be working. They had been given total responsibility for interviewing me and I loved that.

Also, there are no bosses at Teal Partners. Everyone is their own boss and the team runs the business together. That became immediately clear during that first interview. In other workplaces, people like to throw the term ‘flat structure’ around but this is the first place where I actually see this at work. There is one fixed rule, though: on Friday afternoon, we stop work at quarter past four to have a drink together. Because FUN is just as important as hard work.