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Hans Peeters

By Hans

May 3, 2020


Besides being a software developer, Teal Partners gives me the opportunity to learn about the commercial and business side of things. When you build software, you are hardly ever involved in the bigger picture. You develop, and that’s that. That’s not the case at Teal Partners. If you want to, you can contribute ideas about the whole thing. About the business you are developing a solution for. About the users and what they need. We immerse ourselves in the customer’s world and give advice based on our expertise.

In most companies, you are virtually forced to move on to the role of architect or team leader as a developer. Even though you enjoy nothing better than developing. How crazy is that? At Teal Partners, we look at your talent and your ambition. And nurture this. There are no obligations. This produces the best results.

Together, we look for ways to help our company grow. With this in mind, we set up a Growth team with a few colleagues. The team is involved in marketing, devising new products and tapping into new markets, among other things. Very few companies take this approach. The fact that our wages are transparent is a result of this. Only when there is transparency can you really contribute ideas about the running of the company. Recruitment is another thing that is done at a team level, with the greatest care. To maintain a good atmosphere, it’s important that new colleagues fit into the group well. That everyone is on the same page.

At Teal Partners, we are building a company together that we believe in

I have worked at big companies where there is a lot of hierarchy. Usually, this results in inefficiency. I knew about the literature on self-managing organisations. The idea is relatively new and revolutionary and at first, I wondered whether this could actually work. But I thought to myself, I can stay on the sidelines and wait and see. Or I can try help shape this ideal. I chose the latter. Now, I can say first-hand: it works. Through trial and error. We learn something new every day. At Teal Partners, we are building a company together that we believe in.