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Koen Denies

By Koen Denies


Koen Denies talks about digitalization in payroll and HR in the magazine 'Het nieuwe werken' by MediaPlanet. This special issue is a publication of Trends.

Cloud solutions can provide much more autonomy, flexibility, and collaboration within the payroll and HR sector. More explanation by Koen Denies, founding partner at Teal Partners.

Teal Partners assists companies in their digitalization challenges and collaborates with them to create customized solutions. We work with partners such as Deloitte, Actief Interim, and SD Worx. Over the past year, we have implemented several digitalization projects in the field of employment. The collaboration between employer, employee, and customer is becoming increasingly digital. A process that has been further accelerated by the coronavirus.

Online portal simplifies getting started as a staffing worker.

"With the digital portal we built in the staffing industry, candidates can register online and fill in their information. In a traditional visit to a staffing agency, a lot of time was lost filling out paperwork. Now, when candidates come to the office, the focus is immediately on personal contact. Consultants can concentrate on the part of their job that makes a difference. Since it is possible to sign documents digitally, candidates can, in principle, start working without even coming to the office. This has proven to be fruitful during the coronavirus pandemic."

Safety and privacy guaranteed

"The portal simplifies the consultant's work and guarantees safety and privacy according to GDPR. The automatic exchange of data and digitalization of documents ensure data accuracy. This reduces errors and prevents data from being entered twice. The temp worker, consultant, or client only sees the tools and information relevant to them. An extensive technical integration between the software systems allows the IT landscape to function seamlessly as a whole."

Gain more control over their personnel costs.

"A payroll tool we built for business leaders allows them to be more responsive in terms of HR administration and payroll processing. The entrepreneur can create real-time simulations and make adjustments. It becomes easier to predict personnel costs and to measure the impact of providing benefits such as a cell phone, car, or bonus. Employees also gain insight into how their salary is structured and can create simulations. For example: how much would I earn net if I were to work four-fifths of the time, or should I opt for an e-bike or meal vouchers?"

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