Software development with a fundamental impact
We are a team of software professionals. Our mission? To build low-maintenance software solutions in a scalable cloud environment. Solutions with the potential to transform the very core of your business.

What can we do for you?

Consultancy services

Software development

Why choose Teal Partners?

True collaboration

We co-create sustainable solutions using our own expertise and your knowledge. Based on the same values and a common goal.

Engaged professionals

A combination of high-tech knowledge and business insight. That is what makes us different.

Sustainable partnerships

A quick profit is not what we're looking for. We aim for robust collaboration and look to the long-term. With clients and employees.


On time and within budget. It's not a promise, it's a guarantee. You can rely on us to deliver results.

Who are our clients?

Every IT partner claims to think along and tries to distinguish itself by doing so. The difference at Teal Partners is that they really do it.

Tom Wouters Chief product owner

We were consistently impressed by the expertise, domain knowledge and pragmatism of Teal Partners.

Joachim Decock Former HR Director Q8

Teal Partners does what others claim to do. No blah, blah, blah, but actual results.

Peter Jacobs Manager of the social security fund

Working at Teal Partners?


There are no managers, only colleagues. We jointly decide where the organisation is heading.


If the organisation is welcoming, people feel comfortable. If you can be yourself, you can deliver higher quality work.


The opportunity to express your social side is as important as knowing your profession. Team Partners is a team, not a collection of egos.