To achieve a self-managing structure, decision-making at Teal Partners is decentralised. In our opinion this generates better decision-making because it uses the power of collective intelligence. And as a side effect it will stimulate responsibility, engagement and entrepreneurship.

100% transparency

We aim to create an organization based on trust, driven by peer relations. Such a way of working is only possible with open communication and complete transparency. The best example of this principle is our open salary policy. The salary package of every Teal Partner is shared and discussed with all the colleagues. We use the same level of transparency and open communication with our clients.

Partners make the difference

We believe that people make the difference. Maybe even more in the complex and uncertain context an innovative project lives in. This requires talented craftsmen who are able to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Our team is strong in conceptual design and abstract thinking. This is even more important than our technical skills because the conceptual model of a product or service guarantees maintainability and makes it future-proof.

Our team

Jelle Huygen Founding Partner
Koen Denies Founding Partner
Michaël Tautz Partner
Thomas Brouckaert Partner
Tim Stuyckens Partner
Jeroen Lorrentop Partner
Sarah Wuyts Partner
Tim Cools Partner
Steve Lievens Partner
Toon Struyf Partner
Bart Waeterschoot Partner
Hans Peeters Partner
David Vercruyssen Partner
Kelly Hellinx Partner
Bert Janssens Partner
Stijn Goethals Partner
Laïla Bougriâ Partner
Katja Helsen Partner
Wido Steenmans Partner
Dan Padmore Partner
Elke Vermandere Partner
Francis Vercruyssen Partner
Marc Vangrieken Partner

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