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Add the chemistry of a startup to your corporate environment

It is really challenging to innovate inside an existing and successful company. Since a couple of years, corporates are adding corporate accelerators to their innovation programs.

Such partnerships between corporates and startups combine the best of both worlds. They improve time to market, create extra flexibility, boost operating speed, increase brand awareness and act as a neutral party in co-sourcing or co-funding tracks.

This is where Teal Partners comes in. We are a small and flexible community of multi-disciplinary craftsmen, specifically founded to generate and realise innovative, ambitious ideas within the ecosystem of a corporate environment.

Building sustainable software platforms

Our goal during the development phase is to serve a small number of pilot customers as soon as possible. To reach this goal, we 're using Lean Startup Principles.

We start with the development of a Minimal Viable Product containing the essential functionalities. This MVP is the start of a repeating "Build - Measure - Learn" cycle. These iterative product releases, what is called "validated learning", reduce risks and increase transparency about the progress and related budget.

This way of working requires a very intensive cooperation between the different stakeholders in the project. This is why we prefer to work in a mixed team containing substantive experts, technological experts, product management and even (pre)sales.

The individualisation challenge

We experience it every day, at the workplace, on the street and on social media - a central part of modern life has become to distinguish oneself from others. People and organisations expect tailored products, services and solutions.

This way, individualisation has a massive impact on organisations and social relations. The trend will mark itself by the fact that there will be an increasing demand for individual attention in both the private and corporate sphere. Customers simply expect their service providers to supply individual services that maximize their value proposition .

A modern application absolutely needs to permit such individualisation. However, developing such applications isn't that simple. Everybody knows an application with a lot of customer specific features or development that resulted in a solution impossible to maintain, upgrade or extend. It just becomes impossible to move with such a situation.

Our expertise consists of achieving the required level of individualisation through a modular design, parameterisation / configuration and injection of loosely coupled custom functionalities. This allows us to build a "configurable platform".

Realising innovative ideas in a startup way

Every innovation opportunity starts with an idea. We split the realisation of such an innovation opportunity in 4 phases:

  • Validate the idea at an investment board
  • Elaborate the new service / product
  • Establish a profitable service model
  • Exploitation of the new service

Validate the idea at an investment board

The end product of this phase is a pitch for an investment committee. This is the way startups reach out for potential investors.

Our preparation for this pitch exists of:

  • the value proposition,
  • the business model
  • a high level business case combining an estimation of the investment and the potential revenue,
  • a mid-term product / service vision

Elaborate the new service / product

Our goal during the development phase is to serve as soon as possible a small number of pilot customers. To reach this goal, we 're using Lean Startup Principles.

We start with the development of a Minimal Viable Product containing the essential functionalities. This MVP is the start of a repeating "Build – Measure – Learn" cycle.

After each cycle we organise a feedback session with several stakeholders. During these sessions we use tangible subjects like demos or prototypes to make it as concrete as possible.

This culture of continuous delivery and iterative improvement ensures complete transparency about the progress and related budget.

Establish a profitable service model

Elaborating an innovation opportunity is not just about developing a new product or service. Most of the time it requires a change in the exploitation model.

During the pilot phase we explicitly focus on the development of a profitable service model. The learnings and feedback associated with this process is very relevant when shaping the service.

Exploitation of the new service

After the pilot phase we are there to assist you with maintenance, support and furter development of the service. The organisation of advisory boards on a regular basis offer the opportunity to evaluate the tracks progress.

This might lead to the decision to incorporate the service in the corporate environment. This will usually involve a period in which the new team works together closely with the founding team until they feel comfortable in taking the services ownership.

About Teal Partners Our team

What is the "Teal" in Teal Partners about?

The name "Teal partners" is based on a color scheme Frederic Laloux is using in his book "Reinventing organizations". He uses colors to describe the way companies are organised.

An "Evolutionary / Teal" organisation is based on three organizational breakthroughs:

  • Self-management: driven by peer relations
  • Wholeness: involving the whole person at work
  • Evolutionary purpose: let the organisation adapt and grow, not be driven

With Teal Partners, we aim to create a place where motivated and talented individuals can grow and achieve personal goals. Everybody in the organisation must have the profound feeling it is their company and every colleague should be at ease in the Teal Partners environment.

We try to establish a "caring culture" where personal and organisational goals correspond. We believe this will lead to an engaged population and a high performance organisation.

A self-managing structure using the advice principle

To achieve a self-managing structure, decision making at Teal Partners is decentralised. We introduced an "advice principle". With the advice principle, the right people make decisions at the right level with the input from relevant and knowledgeable colleagues.

We 're convinced that this will lead to better decision making because it uses the power of collective intelligence. And as a side effect it will stimulate responsibility, involvement and entrepreneurship.

One of the best examples of this principle is the involvement of the entire team in the recruitment process. Everyone is invited to participate during interviews and negotiations. In an open discussion with the interested partners we decide whether this person is a match.

100% transparency

We aim to create a decentralized organisation without any formal hierarchy. Such a way of working is only possible with open communication and complete transparency.

Obviously colleagues won't be able to make the right decisions without adequate information. Next to the practical necessities, we 're founding Teal Partners on a basis of trust. We believe the open communication and transparency is a prerequisite to achieve this.

The best example of this principle is our open salary policy. The salary package of every Teal Partner is shared and discussed with all the colleagues.

We use the same level of transparency and open communication with our clients. All project information, budgets, scope lists, assumptions and ideas are available at any time.

Match talent with role

We believe our organisational principles will lead to a decentralized organisation without any formal hierarchy. Colleagues are no longer forced to take management roles that might not fit their talents in order to make progress in their careers.

The organisation around projects or services and the fluid arrangement of roles within a project - instead of a predefined job description - guarantees a better matching of talent with role.

To familiarise colleagues with our way of working, we established a "mentoring" principle and spend a lot of attention to the onboarding process. Wen hiring new colleagues, we 're not only looking for a match based on professional criteria, but also for a "personal" connection.

Our partners make the difference

We believe that people make the difference. Maybe even more in the complex and uncertain context an innovative project lives in. This requires talented craftsmen who are able to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

Our team is strong in conceptual design and abstract thinking. This is even more important than our technical skills because the conceptual model of a product or service guarantees maintainability and makes it future-proof.